Saturday, 13 September 2014

Calling Out Cat Calling: Why It Isn't Always A Compliment

As I walked along the road with my hair swishing and my makeup fresh, I was feeling pretty good.
It was then that a male on a bike approached, looking me up and down with a slimy stare, and wolf whistling as he whizzed by. I stopped momentarily, and turned, perplexed.
I was supposed to feel complimented. But somehow I didn’t. Did I feel flattered? No, and I certainly didn’t feel empowered. In fact, I felt vulnerable. I pulled my jacket across my chest, folded my arms and lowered my head a little. It was an odd reaction when you think about it, but a reasonable one none the less. It was then that it occurred to me that I felt more confident leaving the house with no makeup at all than I did when I walked along wearing lipstick and a pair of heels. Why? Because makeup-less Kerry is less of a target.
Now I won’t pretend I’m some kind of Beyonce here, but I’m sure as many other females will know, simply living inside a female body often attracts that kind of attention. We’re supposed to feel flattered but perhaps we missed the memo because often it feels… unclean. Sometimes it knocks us back and we don’t feel complimented at all, we feel as though we are on display and, not wanting to feel like a mannequin in a shop window, we lower our heads and carry on.
I often feel like turning around and saying ‘What was the point of what you just did? Am I supposed to run into your open arms, thanking god my lucky day has come?’ but cars drive on, bikes ride pass and I’ve never had the opportunity to respond. A friend of mine was given the chance to respond recently, when a male approached her and asked for her number. She politely declined, but he persisted. She was firmer with him this time. His response? He shouted "F***k you then!" as she crossed the road. When she told me it took a while for me to get my head around; she was insulted because she didn’t want to give a male she had never met – a stranger – her phone number.
I'll be honest, on some occasions I can handle it better than others; I can roll my eyes with a smirk and carry on plummeting my heels into the concrete. But often it has the adverse affect and it's those occasions when the men seem to have a more snarly mannerism.
Behaviour like that isn't just unfair on women, it's unfair on the males who wouldn’t dream of acting in that way. So to the small number of men who do target women in a way that makes her uncomfortable, I’d like to offer you some advice: smile at her, and say hello. That way, instead of lowering her head, she might just smile back, and lift it a little higher.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Let Me Introduce You To... The Miss W

Hello ladies, today I'm introducing you to the lovely Sophia, a wonderful blogger who is living in Dubai - a place only us English ducks can dream about. Wanna know more and her adventures? Settle down....

It must be amazing to live in Dubai! What do you enjoy most about living there?
Dubai really is like no other city in the world, and it's very young too. Not all that long ago there wasn't much here. Now it's the home of the worlds tallest building, the palm island, and more luxury hotels and resorts than you can count! There are so many things I love about living in Dubai but the first that comes to mind is the international lifestyle it offers you. You meet people from all over the world and are able to experience so many cultures all in one fast moving and modern city.

It sounds amazing! I've been having a nose at your blog and I see you enjoy travelling. Where in the world should I (and all the Kerralina followers) visit next? Somewhere with great shops and good places to eat, please!

Well, this may seem a little biased , but if you haven't yet Dubai really offers it all. Especially if you are looking for a warm escape during the winter months. The shopping is like nothing else you've ever experienced (Dubai is home to the world's largest mall after all - the Dubai Mall). They even have indoor skiing in one of their malls! Being an international city Dubai also houses some of the worlds finest restaurants so there is something for everyone (especially at the brunches offered throughout the city - a Friday tradition in Dubai). The pools, beaches, and desert safaris are also a must when visiting Dubai.

But to recommend somewhere else in the world, it would be a travel to Cyprus. I was there just two years ago and it is an amazing country. Beautiful landscapes and a very rich history with plenty of Roman ruins to discover. The food I would compare to what you will find in Greece, lots of fresh delicious yogurts and salads as well as fish caught that very day in all of the local restaurants. As for shopping, you won't find many of your classic brand stores but you will find amazing local trinkets and accessories.

You had us at 'World's Largest Shopping Mall' - get us on the next plane please! Although that Greek food sounds delicious too *drools*I think Kerralina followers are going to love your blog! Which post should they check out first?

That's a hard question! The Miss W. is really a mix of everything! I'd say my Lifestyle posts really give a taste to what living in Dubai is like and what the city has to offer from evening events and outfits to luxury hotels. Of course if you're a foodie like me then you might want to take a peek at my restaurant reviews (just make sure you aren't hungry when you do!).

If I had to pick one post I would actually have to suggest my most recent, A DIFC Event. It was a beautiful celebration event and I think gives a good introduction into the somewhat typical evening of a local Dubai expat. There is also a little restaurant visit at the end as well for the foodies ;)

I would also just like to say that I am so happy to featured on Kerralina and very excited to meet all of the lovely Kerralina readers!

Thanks Sophia, we're happy to have you!

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Kerry x

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Filming Videos, Summer, Suits & London Bound

Hello ladies and secret gents. In Journalism, the month of August is always the month when you hear about lost dogs and the man with the largest button collection. Why? Because nothing happens in August. The schools are shut, no one is at university and there isn't much structure to daily life.
Overall I've had a pretty good summer, but going on holiday at the very beginning of August means the rest of my month, and the beginning of September (can you believe it's September?!), didn't involve much apart from work.

Which leads me on quite nicely to my new job. Now, I've been working for the guys over at itcher for quite a while now, writing articles about books, movies and all that good stuff. But when they decided they wanted a video contributor and asked me if I'd be up for the job, I practically leapt out of my desk chair.

So now I'm filming videos and it's so much fun! Yeah, sometimes it takes me 20+ times to say hello and okay, the editing is a bit tedious but I adore what I'm doing and it's not very often people get to feel that way about their job!

So right now I'm working for them and spending quite a bit of time with the Cassidy, since he's heading back to London next week for the start of university. My course, however, doesn't start until 29th September so I've got a while yet! The good news is it means trips to London will be a-go soon, especially as the Cassidy has his own flat this year - halls were a bit inconvenient! So be prepared for blog posts about London.

In the meantime we've been watching a LOT of Suits aka one of the best shows on earth. Mike Ross? Helllllllo. Tweet me if you're head over heels for that show too and we can freak out together.

In other news I am spending far too much money on clothes. Blame Vogue.

How's life at your end of the world?

Kerry x

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